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June 12, 2006

Hello world!

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Jambo from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where it is cool and rainy today.  The good news is that the electricity is on right now so I am taking advantage of that fact to catch up on unWorkshop tasks.  Due to poor rains over the last couple of years, water levels at main dam that generates hydro-electricity for the country are very, very low so "power sharing"…..a euphemism for shutting off power in the whole city for 12 hour stretches…..is a daily occurance.  It is supposed to follow a schedule of off at 7am and on at 6pm but here it is 8:30am and I still have power.  So much for schedules!  🙂 

I just came back from a lovely, relaxing weekend in the Selous Game Reserve where we stayed in tented camps along the Rufiji River and enjoyed watching the pod of hippos that sat in the water opposite our camp all day long.  We also had blue and colobus monkeys in the trees overhead and lots of beautiful birds flying about.   If you ever have a chance to come visit Tanzania, I highly recommend the game reserves and parks!

I look forward to learning from both facilitators and participants in this workshop so that I can help my organization….Habitat for Humanity….better utilize technology to keep staff and volunteers around the world connected and sharing knowledge with one another about how best to tackle the issues of poverty housing and homelessness. 


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  1. Jane! It’s so great you are able to join us. I expect you to be our farthest outpost. At a reception here at Training Directors Forum earlier this evening, I took people’s breath away when we had a participant from Tanzania. Not that’s the only reason I’m glad you’re here. Welcome!

    Comment by informl — June 12, 2006 @ 5:50 am

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